Saturday, November 27, 2004

Evolution Thwarted in New Jersey

The AP is reporting that 41 year-old Tirso Furcal of the Dominican Republic has had a few extra digits successfully removed in New Jersey this week.

I'm not one to go all neo-Darwinian here, but I am curious as to what this could have meant to the world's gene pool if he had not acted so rashly. Maybe this could have been beneficial to the world's population, especially in the uppcoming uncertainty of global warming... but now we will never know, I suppose. And the stigma of surgery will surely lessen his chances of spreading the love - and consequently, his genes - around the village.

But seriously - we haven't reached the really scary part of this story yet. The journalist refers to Mr. Furcal's village, Brisas de los Palemeras, as "a region where several other residents, mainly children, also have extra fingers and toes."

Why is no one investigating this village of superfluous fingers? The town of extra toes? I can't recall anyone I've ever met having an extra finger, but this town has several?!? Is it something in the water, or what?

Maybe we'll have a chance to find out if those extra fingers and toes are of any use after all.

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Unknown said...

Just because his finger was removed doesn't mean the gene was. In fact, someone who had surgery to get an extra finger removed would probably have better chances of finding a mate and passing on the gene. But Furcal already had two children! One or both of them may have the gene, even if they don't have the fingers.