Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Little Hand and The Little Clock

Most of the day, I’m either the little hand or the little clock.

If I’m the little hand, things are good. I’m focused on the present, getting my work done, really involved. That clock, though... when I’m the clock my attention wanders, my eyes glaze over, and I start looking around for things to distract me. I should really figure out a way to get rid of that little clock, so that I could always be the hand. But if that were possible, someone would have already done it, right? I suppose the little clock is inevitable.

Today, me-the-hand is getting a lot done. I haven't seen the clock in a while, except for split-second corner-of-the-eye glances. Me-the-hand is surfing hard and heavy, looking around for... trying to... searching for... hmm. Maybe the hand isn’t that productive after all.

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