Monday, November 22, 2004

Holy Terror

God is the immemorial refuge of the incompetent, the helpless, the miserable. They find not only sanctuary in His arms, but also a kind of superiority, soothing to their macerated egos; He will set them above their betters.
H. L. Mencken, U.S. journalist, critic, and editor

Someone please explain the following to The Misanthrope. The politically active Rev. Jerry Falwell is opening a law school in hopes of training Christian activists, according to the Sunday Los Angeles Times. He also says in the article that the Bible is the infallible word of God and that the American Constitution is a sacred document and that the Christian worldview is their matrix of service.

Let’s see, the American Constitution is sacred, but they want to add an amendment prohibiting gay marriage. Does the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery need to be revoked since God approves of slavery? The word of God is infallible? how do they explain Leviticus 20:13 and the New Testament book of Romans that God doesn’t merely disapprove of homosexuality, but says they should be killed. God also calls for the murder of people who work on the Sabbath, along with adulterers and children who curse their parents.

The Misanthrope believes the Christians and all religions have done more than their share of instigating wars, deaths, and overall misery in the world, there is no need to add to this despicable curriculum vitae.

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