Wednesday, November 17, 2004

On The Mark -- Just Curious

I’ve been reading all the hoopla lately (and ABC’s apology) regarding Nicollette Sheridan showing off her (very attractive) upper back while flirting with a black NFL player in a locker room during a promotion for the television program “Desperate Housewives” (reported on the front page of the sports section in the L.A. Times – my goodness). Then I think about all those red states in the South and Midwest and I can’t help but conclude that this isn’t about Nicollette showing a little skin. It’s about black and white.

Which makes me curious…has a study ever been done to determine who (and where geographically) is buying all these billions of dollars of pornography?

Still curious…I wonder if President Bush will kiss Dick Cheney on the cheek at their next press conference like he kissed Condoleezza Rice yesterday?

Let’s see if I’ve got this right…The GOP has a rule that states that a member of the House who is in a position of power must step down if he/she comes under indictment, like it looks like Tom Delay will be soon. What to do…well let’s just change the rules, because we can’t have that happen to Tom after all he’s done for our party. This is another way that the republicans set good examples for our kids, which seems to be so important to them.

I keep reading and hearing stories about the exodus occurring at the White House and CIA. Purge would be a more appropriate word.

And while we’re talking about how the media report news, the headline “Iran Blinks” for an editorial in the New York Times today is a bit naïve. Nobody blinks anymore. They bluff. And our media fall for it. Our media would not last very long in a Texas Hold ‘em tournament.

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