Thursday, November 18, 2004

NBA Fines Blogger For Criticism

I read this on Boing Boing this morning and felt like throwing up. Apparently Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas mavericks, mentioned in his blog that scheduling NBA's opening night on Election Day was a bad idea. And the NBA levied a fine against him. That's right - for criticism in his blog. Here's what he wrote:
"Tuesday is when it gets real. I won't say what i really think about the genius that started the season on election day since it's probably the same person that started the season on Halloween in previous years. There's only a presidential election 1x every 4 years. We start on that day..Genius. Let's see, which are going to get more highlights and press coverage Nov 3rd. The kickoff of the NBA season or the election."

He doesn't even go one step further to suggest that the coincidence would keep people distracted from elections, or that it was an intentional gambit to keep people away from the polls (that would be crazy, right?). All he did was use a little sarcasm to make a point.

What is happening to our country?

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Anonymous said...

It's called selective morality.