Wednesday, November 10, 2004

On The Mark

>>>>> I read yet another story describing how Bush won the presidency because people could relate to him and felt he was someone they could have a beer with. I was flummoxed, but then I remembered that the average adult reads at the fifth grade level.

>>>>> Imagine for a minute that you’re an 82-year-old man in failing health. Your next-door neighbor is a relatively attractive 26-year-old single mom who pays attention to you. She makes you feel good, especially on days that you think might be your last. So one day you tell this young lady that you’ve put her in your will. She’s so appreciative, she makes you homemade apple strudel. You take a bite…a little too crunchy for apple strudel, you think. You move your fork around what’s remaining on the plate and see what look like pills. Later you find out that they are pills; indeed pain pills that probably would have killed you. And people don’t understand why I say the word “trust” is becoming extinct and will one day no longer be in the dictionary.

>>>>> The day after the election I was watching an advertisement on television that depicted a number of individuals in the military along with some family members. I thought to myself, “wow, the government didn’t waste any time getting its recruitment ads out.” Then the ad concluded with the kicker…it was a message from Boeing. The same Boeing that is under investigation by the Pentagon for a series of improprieties concerning military contracts with the government. Talk about trying to soften up the jury pool.

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