Monday, November 15, 2004

My! People Come and Go So Quickly Here!

What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.
Henry David Thoreau (1817–62), U.S. philosopher

There are expected and unexpected departures from President George W. Bush’s cabinet as he begins his second term. It was anticipated that Secretary of State Colin Powell was going to leave, but lately the thought was he might stay. The only problem The Misanthrope sees is that it is the wrong people who are leaving, with the exception of Attorney General John Ashcroft. In addition to Powell’s announcement, three other cabinet resignations came to light today, Ann M. Veneman, the secretary of agriculture; Rod Paige, the education secretary, and Spencer Abraham, the energy secretary.

The people who need to resign are Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, who were the architects behind the Abu Ghurayb prison scandal and deserve credit for the lack of an exit plan in Iraq. The most important resignation that we probably won’t see is that of Vice President Dick Cheney, the prince of darkness, who pressured everyone into using faulty information to attack Iraq.


B2 said...

The wrong people are resigning, says the Misanthrope? Let's see who *has* left: secretaries for education, energy, and agriculture. It's like rats sinking a fleeing ship; the ones who have the sense to see that the executive office is not heading in the right direction are the ones who have the sense to leave now before they, too, are dragged beneath the waves.

Education Secretary Rod Paige saw that "no child left behind" means that all schoolkids fail together, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham saw the Enron thing happen on his watch, and Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman... well, let's just see how long it takes before we find out what's going wrong over there. Bush has plans for this country, and those who don't agree with him are just getting out of the way before he reaches across the aisle to turn them to the dark side.

Anonymous said...

The scariest defections are the ones occurring at the CIA. Who's watching out for us while all that is happening?