Thursday, November 11, 2004

Florida in San Diego

"I order you to hold a free election, but forbid you to elect anyone but Richard my clerk."
Henry II (1133 - 1189)

Surf’s up and so is the blood pressure of Republicans in San Diego, who are attempting to disqualify 142,157 votes for leading mayoral contender Donna Frey. Frey, a City Council member whose husband is an accomplished surfer, decided to run for mayor five weeks prior to the election as a write-in candidate, with a platform of taking action on a porous sewer system.

A lawsuit filed by a San Diego litigator seeks to stop the county Registrar of voters from validating write-in votes because the city charter does not allow them, but municipal code permits them. Wednesday the entire 124 San Diego County Superior Court bench was barred from hearing a lawsuit attempting to dismiss votes for her. Instead, a retired jurist from Imperial Country will hear the case.

The Misanthrope advises San Diego Republicans to install Diebold Touch-screen voting machines, this way election winners can be determined in advance with no recounting capabilities and no messy democratic write-in votes.

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