Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Looking Redux

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen”
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), painter, sculptor, architect and engineer

Jack and Chandira played along and provided comments that I slightly edited from the "Just Looking" post below, which I have pulled and put front and center. Also, as promised Annabell gave us her thoughts while creating the art.

Below are our impressions of the art.

Jack's Shack said...
It reminds me of an entrance to a kitchen in a diner or coffee shop. I like it.

Chandira said...
I like her style, and that they both have a very different feel, and evoke different emotions. That bottom one reminds me of a nice comfy nook in a Starbucks somewhere, on a cold autumn day, after a long walk around the lake. The top one is far less 'comfortable', and I like that, too. I love the colours. That brown/purple mix is always fascinating. Was hoping for a bigger version if I double-clicked, but I like that the smaller version remains mysterious to my fuzzy eyesight. ;-)

The Misanthrope said...

I see books. The dark blueish spot appears as door handles to me. The three small squares toward the right remind me of windows that let the light in to the reading room, which gives it that yellow glow.

Annabell explains:

Study #4, 1997

Collagraph, Acrylic plate, ink, pastels In this piece one of a series of studies. I began with a piece of acrylic, taped off the work area, selected a more earth tone color palette while still maintaining a bright overall feel. The process involved applying the inks to the plate, then laying the rice paper, wooden spoon is then used to rub the ink onto the paper. Using more inks and pastels to further develop the shapes and colors. The colors I use are heavily influenced by my Latin heritage. I chose to play with basic shapes (circles, rectangles, squares, lines) to create a sense of harmony with activity. The results can be interpreted as a bit dark, yet playful and inviting. This study brought joy and general happiness to me.

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Jack Steiner said...

Clearly she has forgotten what inspired her because if she remembered she would have said exactly what I wrote.