Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning Shuffle

How could a man be satisfied with a decision between such alternatives and under such circumstances?
George Eliot (1819–80), English novelist

Cleaning up the backyard the iPod shuffle produced:

1. "Man in the Long Black Coat" – Bob Dylan
2. "Town with No Cheer" – Tom Waits
3. "Cool Dry Place" – Traveling Wilburys
4. "How About You" – Bill Evans
5. "Baby Please Don’t Go" – Van Morrison
6. "Larry of Arabia" – Chico Hamilton
7. "All the Girls Love Alice" – Elton John
8. "Love’s The One and Only Thing" – Willie Nelson
9. "Jump on Top of Me" – The Rolling Stones
10. "I’ll Be Seeing You" – Tony Bennett

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