Monday, November 24, 2008

Rockwell Rolls Over In His Grave:
"Freedom From Want" Parodies

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and since you, the Toner Mishap audience, have enjoyed my Edward Hopper posts so much, I've decided to share with you a collection of parodies based on Norman Rockwell's painting, "Freedom From Want," from his "Four Freedoms" series. It's that famous Thanksgiving painting -- you know the one:

Here it is in its original poster form:

And here are a bunch I've been collecting for your viewing pleasure (feel free to click on any of them for a larger view).

MAD Magazine



The Simpsons #1

The Simpsons #2: Sideshow Bob

The Simpsons #3: Flanders

Sausage Party

Redneck Thanksgiving (with all due respect to rednecks)

Raw Bar


The Bush White House

A Sketch from Tiny Toons

Lilo and Stitch

Justice Society of America

Skrulls! Flee! (Once DC did it, Marvel had to, right?)

More Jellyfish, Please


At An Airport

Island Feast


Family Photo #1

Family Photo #2



libhom said...

I like the Mad Magazine one.

Chandira said...

As always, I like the Muppets best. :-)
Looks like their turkey is enjoying things too though, that's a little warped... I love Jim Henson.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that, many years ago and during a time of recession, I saw one by National Lampoon depicting Grandpa and Grandma serving up a a skinned and roasted Rover, complete with a baseball in his mouth. Anyone know were to find that one?

B2 said...

Ooh! Another one, this time with the FF: