Monday, January 24, 2005

Know Your Enemy

From the Political Blog For The Politically Incorrect:

The magazine Al-Jundi Al-Muslim, published by the Religious Affairs Department of the Saudi armed forces, released an article on May 1 in its "Know Your Enemy" section that stated:
The majority of revolutions, coups d'etat, and wars which have occurred in the world...are almost entirely the handiwork of the order to implement the injunctions of the fabricated Torah, the Talmud, and the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion], all of which command the destruction of all non-Jews in order to achieve their goal -- namely, world domination.
What brings this to mind now?

The Saudis are hosting a conference on terrorism this February, and our blog buddy reminds us that it is worth examining the Saudi royal family's position on jihad against Jews, as well as how this relates to Israel's exclusion from the conference. The Saudi assistant minister of foreign affairs, Mizar Midani, explained that Israel is excluded because it is "responsible for extremism in the region." Again, from Political Blog For The Politically Incorrect: "One would hope that the State Department is aware of the Saudi position calling for jihad against Jews and that any American participation at the conference may unwittingly imply support of this policy."



Hector Vex said...

Man, screw the Saudi's. I've said it before and I'll say it again, those camel fuckers can blame us all they want. They're just jealous. There is a reason we are called 'the Chosen People.' When all is said and done, those nutball royals will be dead and we'll be dancing on their land.

I'm telling you, all we need to do is take the handcuffs off of Israel and the Middle East will work itself out.

Yes. I take a hardlined stance on that. I know we kiss the Saudi royal ass to keep our cars running. That doesn't mean we have to like it, we just have to pretend to - it's business. Plus, we're not agreeing with their jihad against Jews just by showing up. The rest of the world knows that, only the foolish misguided middle-easterners would interpret it that way. Whatever helps them sleep at night - before Israel drops a nuke on their asses.

Jack's Shack said...

It is a wacky world.

B2 said...

I should say that I take offense at the phrase "camel fuckers", and this site does not support such unfettered epthets. Hatred is fine, when paired with good reason - there's plenty to hate out there. But let's not paint every member of a group with one broad brush -- that's just plain wrong. I therefore apologize to any readers who take offense at any comments on this site; they are the opinions of the commenters, and not the folks at Toner Mishap.

Chandira said...

What we all need to do is sit in the road and demand an end to this god-damned insanity NOW! I am not for war, not with anybody, for anybody, at any time. Nobody ever won a war, only statistics.

**Everybody lost a loved one in this last century.**

Everybody. At least one, How is that allright? All the 'camel-fuckers' (no, not my opinion of them, 'camel fuckers' bleed if you prick them, too) included. No, I'm not a naive idiot, I just strongly oppose unnecessary hatred. What hatred IS necessary??

Hector Vex said...

When I said 'Camel Fuckers' I was reffering to the worst of a people. That's what I believe those types of phrases are. I should probably be more specific. Like all whites are not 'white trash' only the trashy ones. All hispanics are not 'spics' only the undesirable ones.

I think I just dug myself a deeper hole.

I don't see those terms as racist, I see them as singling out from a group of people the worst ones. Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

We don't kiss the Saudi Royal ass just to keep our cars running. We also kiss it because they have over a trillion dollars invested in our stocks. If we attack them they're going to pull it all out. That's why Bush attacked Iraq when almost all (something like 14 of the 16) of the 9/11 bombers were Saudis.