Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On the Mark -- Another One for the "Stupid File"

At the Hot 97 morning radio program (WQHT-FM) in NYC the show’s host, Miss Jones, sang a tune written by her and staff mocking the victims of the tsunami. Sung to the tune of “We Are the World,” some of the lyrics in “Tsunami Song” include:

Go find your mommy, I just saw her float by/A tree went through her head, and now the children will be sold to child slavery.” The song apparently also included a number of racial slurs. The song has since been pulled from the website.

Their penalty: Miss Jones and staff have agreed to contribute one week’s pay to tsunami relief efforts.

I’ve seen conflicting numbers, but the last one I saw showed that at least 220,000 people have died from this disaster, not to mention all the children now without parents, the financial ramifications, etc. I’d say Miss Jones and staff got off pretty easy. Another case of a morning DJ who thinks they’re better than Howard Stern. For all of Howard’s outrageousness, he’s never really done anything stupid. That’s the difference. His work is clever and usually has an embedded message (whether you agree with it or not).

This also brought to mind a disturbing number I saw recently. Apparently, only 5 percent of Americans possess a passport. That’s the biggest problem. People need to “get out more.”

This whole country is a gated community.

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