Monday, January 31, 2005

Republicans Gone Wild

Related by our good friend Beaucoup Kevin:
It has been said that the public perceives Republicans as the Daddy party and Democrats as the Mommy party. In terms of fiscal responsibility, that needs to change. Democrats should be seen as the Parent party while Republicans should be viewed as the Drunken Student On Spring Break With His Daddy’s Credit Card party.
Read the rest at Wampum, courtesy of Beaucoup Kevin.


Hector Vex said...

*sarcasm alert* Why are some liberals always full of bitterness? Do you know why? Because the Republicans are the gun toting redneck fathers, and the Dems are the ugly teenage girl locked in the back of the trailer. She whines and whines and whines that things aren't fair, but fails to realize she was BORN ugly. And sometimes her father beats her and calls her names while the pretty girls all get laid and get bling bling.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, dude.
I prefer to think that liberals are people who can go to the police and get gun-totin' Daddy arrested for child-abuse. What he's doing is illegal. What kind of pig-fuck attitude is that?
I do hear the point that us liberals are too 'nice' though. Maybe it IS time we kicked ass.

Hector Vex said...

First - what I said above was not only sarcasm, it was fictional so don't worry about what happens to the fictional characters. And second, you're right. Liberals have been too nice in the last decade or so. Too much pandering to the minority groups and asskissing and giving in to every whiner and protester across the US. I don't see a strong democratic as a threat to the government, I welcome it. It's the weak democratic party that is a threat.