Friday, December 09, 2005

We Long Bony Dorks

I once blogged about one of my favorite poems, Gwendolyn Brooks' "We Real Cool." Now someone has written a series of poems based on this idea: what if poets wrotes poems whose titles were anagrams of their own names? Here's the twist on Brooks:

We Long Bony Dorks
By Gwendolyn Brooks

The Mathletes.
Seven in the Computer Lab.

We long bony dorks. We
Real big on quarks. We

Quote Python lines. We
Know arcs and sines. We

Not good at sports. We
Black socks with shorts. We

Beat up at noon. We
Out-earn you soon.


Please visit and check out the E.E. Cummings, David Mamet, and William Blake. And, maybe my favorite, Samuel Beckett's "Bake Me Cutlets."

[Thanks, BoingBoing!]


Anonymous said...

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