Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Chewie the Rookie Wookie

OK, I'm cleaning out the garage, and what do I find? My old 45s, including this gem from 1977:

The Rebel Forces Band, performing "Chewie the Rookie Wookie" and "May the Force Be With You." They're so bad they're classic - from the time before Lucas started getting careful about what he licensed Star Wars for.

So I'm selling it on eBay, and I imagine it will be popular with Star Wars fans... it has brought me much joy over the years. Note: the auction is now over.

Here are three mp3s from three grerat alternative bands -- all Star Wars songs, and they all rock! Download them for your pleasure, but please consider buying the albums, because they are three of my favorites.

Blink 182's A New Hope, from "Dude Ranch"

The Presidents of the United States of America's Death Star, from "Freaked Out and Small"

Nerf Herder's Supernova's Chewbacca, from "How to Meet Girls" -- thanks, Russell, for the correction to the band name; please excuse the misnamed file.

Just got told about, and found (for your listening pleasure), DVDA's I Am Chewbacca (thanks, map).


Anonymous said...

I've been planning to digitize my old albums. Yes, I could replace them with CDs, but that would be expensive and silly. Especially so, given that many of them I just have for sentimental reasons. (It's so High Fidelity of me to think of them in autobiographical terms, I know.)

Purchasing a truntable nowadays is very different than the old days. It seems the market has split into two completely different camps: equipment for DJs and "turntablists", and over-the-top "audiophiles". There are just some "features" audiophiles refuse to have on their over-price items, like auto-return tonearms. The stuff they sell for DJs are not really meant for good sound reproduction. They mostly want turntables that can take a good beating.

It's been an interesting consumer adventure. No suggestions, please. It's hard enough deciding already.

-- Another BoingBoing Reader

mooP said...

Don't forget MC Chris with his song Fett's Vette

Jonathan said...

I have fond memories of Grand Moff Tarkin, the Star Wars-themed band that I saw at Dragon*Con 1999.

Russell said...

ACTUALLY, it's neither Nerf Herder NOR Superdrag, it's Supernova.

Anonymous said...

And lets not forget Selby Tigers' "Droid" ( and Slightly Stoopid's "Jedi".

Anonymous said...

I have searched everywhere for the rebel force band songs, and cannot find them anywhere, saw a single of one of their songs on ebay, found one song on a p2p...anyone know anywhere i can hear the rest of their songs???

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Weird Al's classics, "...Yo-Yo-Yo-Yoda..." and "...Bye bye Mr. Anakin guy..."
I'm not sure about the actual Titles.