Thursday, December 02, 2004

Saving the World with Hostess Twinkies

Going through some old comics from the 1970s, and I stumbled upon a series of ads that I had forgotten about - Marvel and DC both had full-page ads in which their superheroes shilled for Hostess Fruit Pies, Twinkies and more! I posted a few for those of you who:
1. Can't resist the lure of comic-related postings
2. Can't resist the lure of Hostess' flaky goodness
3. Have nothing better to do than look at 30 year-old comics because your mom isn't home and it's your fortieth birthday and you can do whatever you want, so there! And besides, your D&D tournament doesn't start for another hour.
So here you go; feel free to open them or download them or print them and store them in individual mylar bags.

Batman 1
Batman 2
Captain America
Captain Marvel
Daredevil 1
Daredevil 2


Hallucinogenious said...

Talk about synchronicity!!!! I was going through some of my old comics from the 70's with my 5 year old son last night when I ran across the same ads!!! Wicked!!

Uncle Mikey said...

Look, Batman and Robin have a stage full of wiggling talent, including Elfish Hipsley. Weird.

Anonymous said...

The Hulk one is great.
The last panel has The Hulk saying he has to get back
to unfinished business as he is punching a tree.
Couldn't help but think that Hulk is on an endless campaign of Deforestation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh man, that Capt. Marvel one is the worst! I mean, Thor's atomic hillbillys look like incredible feats of story telling when compared to the "Cup Cake Caper!"

Anonymous said...

"The Hulk Changes His Mind" indeed:

misterdna said...

This is - as far as I know - all of them: