Friday, May 06, 2005

Crooks Strike Out with Yankees

There is no one thoroughly despicable. We cannot descend much lower than an idiot; and an idiot has some advantages over a wise man.
William Hazlitt (1778–1830), essayist

It could have been out of a scene of the HBO television show "The Sopranos," where a couple of hoods trying to prove themselves by stealing a shipping container from a warehouse, in this case from Elizabeth, New Jersey.

You could just picture the hoodlums high-fiving each other eagerly anticipating safely getting away to a hideaway and inventorying their ill-gotten presents. Well, in this case, the crime did not pay. These two-bit palookas dashed away with 47,000 Yankee caps that were going to be used for free hats on Friday and Saturday nights sponsored by Budweiser and Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, according to the New York Times article on the heist.

As these criminals head off into the sunset they are no doubt blaming and slapping each other with their Yankee caps about another fine mess.


B2 said...

What a strike-out for those crooks! I bet they figured on scoring some big league swag in this heist. Seriously, though, this is the home run of errors! OK, I'm tired of puns now.

Pirate said...

lol .... Darwin award candidates, these ones are.