Thursday, May 19, 2005

On The Mark -- Keeping It Flowing

I was at an event last weekend with a group of people and one of the activities was a 4-mile roundtrip hike. It was a hot day, with no shade, and the hike was steep, from sea level to a mountaintop.

Two people passed out from dehydration and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital. The camp was remotely located with a one-lane road leading up to the top. When emergency crews were called, several different responders arrived to assist the fallen, probably because nobody really knew how to get to our location and they most likely just wanted to make sure someone got there.

When the fire team arrived, I asked them what they thought about the new study that said drinking too much water is dangerous (as I previously posted about). “Hogwash,” they said. “You can never drink too much water.”

When the ambulance team arrived, I asked them the same question. “Don’t believe any of it,” they all agreed, wondering what was really behind the study.

When the doctor arrived, I again asked him the same question. “Most idiotic research finding I’ve ever heard of,” he said without hesitation.

So there you have it from three independent medical provider groups. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep the water flowing. I know I drank a lot of it during the hike and I felt great at the end of it.

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Anonymous said...

A link to this study would be nice.