Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On The Mark -- Hypocrisy Decade: Defining Family Values

I saw this quote

"That's unconscionable...I believe in family values"

recently by Jim Stellings, Seminole County (Florida) Republican Party Chairman and thought it perfectly defines everything about the Republican Party and how its representatives seem to think they're above everyone else regarding morals and ethics. It's easy to think that way when you keep re-defining what is right and wrong to suit your needs.

Stellings filed a defamation suit against a political rival who Stellings says falsely accused him of having been married six times. He made this comment while testifying in the suit (the fact that it even went to court is certainly worthy of a good rant).

He actually has only been married five times...


Chandira said...

OMG... Well, that's alright then, if it's only 5.. 6 would be morally reprehensible.

rags said...

Wasn't it Newt "Dump my dying wife" Gingrich who came up with the term "Family Values" in the first place? Or is he just responsible for the Contract on America.

The whole Republican playbook is a perfect illustration of "ironic humor." If you get the jokes, you're a Democrat. If you don't, you're a Republican.

Devo said...

Oh, like Tom "Paragon of Ethics" DeLay! He's dreamy. If you're dreaming of falling, being eaten alive by scorpions, having your limbs cut off and drowning while on fire, that is.

Weasely bastards.