Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Refreshing, it is.
Drink it, you must.

Yoda has sold out. In a commercial for a certain diet cola beverage, the venerable Jedi Master is seen using the Force to steal another patron's soda can.

Does Yoda have no integrity? No moral compass? No consistency? After all, he won't even use the Force to help him walk better, saving up those midichlorians for only the most dire of emergencies.

And, apparently, for a hard-to-quench thirst.

Even Chewbacca got roped into the deal, but you just know he didn't get the same fee that Yoda demanded.

You can watch the commercial here.


Aurelius said...

Don't be silly. It's a fake Yoda.
Yoda died in "Jedi".

Jack Steiner said...

This just makes me sad, no really, it does.

Sparkles said...

Have we all forgotten the battle droids facing off with the unlikely triumverate of Colonel Sanders and two nameless employees of Taco Bell and Pizza Hut? This to me seems a step in the right direction. Hell, it's downright artistic by comparison and I haven't even seen the spot yet.

Pirate said...

Sad. Occasionally I am reminded why I don't have TV. This is yet another reminder.

Little Toy Robot said...

They should have had Yoda stopping someone from drinking Coke. "This is not the cola you are looking for."

Anonymous said...

Just wait until they come out with RC-D2.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come one. This isn't that bad.

Remember, in Empire Strikes Back, Yoda had a bit of fun with Luke (either that, or he was stir crazy from only being around slimy swamp animals for decades). This is that Yoda. Heck, Yoda even stole Luke's flashlight, and then said that he wanted to keep it, or he wouldn't help Luke find Yoda. You know, "MINE! Or I will help you not."