Friday, May 13, 2005

Got Your News On?

Television news, assaulted though it may be today, deserves our respect. It is a time-honored tradition, evolved under the watchful eyes of some of journalism's most brightly shining lights. It's always been an institution which I viewed with a certain amount of awe, and which I considered as separate from the rest of the fare on that same medium.


The latest promos for UPN's nightly newscast have just pushed me over the edge. Print, web and radio spots all pitch the benefits of watching this particular news program. Yes, television news has taken a beating lately, but to stoop so low as to offer (1) prizes for watching, (2) a "code word of the day" to qualify for those prizes, and (3) the slogan "get your news on"? Frankly, I am greatly rankled.

Can we please see a little more dignity from TV news programs? Maybe if we see it, we'll respond with renewed trust and faith that those talking heads on our screens still know what they're doing.


Devo said...

Forget that! I wanna see Walter Cronkite change his name to Crunkite, get some gold teef put in, dred his hair up and broadcast with a jewel-encrusted chalice in his hand!!!


Chandira said...

I lost all respect for Television news broadcasting during the 911 coverage. They made it look like a Bruce Willis movie. That really sucked. All the dramatic music, explosion replays and catchy slogans..

Der Schwan von Tuonela said...

It's UPN. They wouldn't know dignity if it got them drunk, took them home, and poked them senseless.