Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Baby Got Book

This is a must-see video -- Southpaw (an apparently sincere Christian entertainer) has made a video of his version of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," and it is incredible. Sample verses:
It looks like one of those large ones /
With lots of room in the margins

I like 'em real thick and red-lettered /
You can't find nothing better

My girlfriend's hot /
And her bible's rockin' /
And she's got good doctrine
Seriously -- you must see it.

I've changed the link for all you non-Quicktime folks, now it goes here, where you can choose what kind of file to watch.


Hector Vex said...

You know what's great about PC's.. I can view that Quicktime video, yet you have trouble with windows media...

Har har.

Good find though.

Chandira said...

Aw. Couldn't see it. As for the lyrics, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think I'll laugh, it's better that way.

The Sambucol's great, btw, thanks!! :-) I'm feeling bette,r and never came down with Robert's flu.

On The Mark said...

Yes, the Sambucol really does seem to work. I think they should make me their spokesperson.

Chandira said...

I need our IT guy to fix my sound.. No sound.. But it looked funny.. I'll be back to hear it when I have a F****ing maching that works!!! :-)
Thanks for putting up another link!