Thursday, March 03, 2005

Buy more stuff! Nuff said! Excelsior!

Interpreted in the style of Jack "King" Kirby

Corbis, the semi-famous image library, has signed an agreement with Marvel Comics for the rights to license Marvel’s content for editorial and commercial use world wide. In plain language: superheroes will be selling you stuff.

Now we will finally be able to see The Incredible Hulk pitching Prozac, the Silver Surfer giving props to Hawaiian Tropic, and Mr. Fantastic shilling for Celebrex. And, of course, the Human Torch talking about how to cure that burning rectal sensation.


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Me said...

C'mon, comic characters have been park of marketing for years. What kind of lunch box did you have as a kid? I had a Hulk one man.

How about that Visa commercial with all the Superheros?

Nothing is going to change - it's just Marvel shucking the bother of dealing with ad agencies to Corbis.

So don't forget about Professor X and his viagra.

"C'mere Jean Grey.. I'm tired of using telekenisis to get you off..."