Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Irony, Thy Name is Pope

The Pope may be getting a feeding tube. Surprise!

Seriously, it's not just the irony that gets me -- it's the realization that this is our last Pope ever. Once John Paul II (fill in your Beatles joke) gets those feeding tubes and life support machines hooked up, he can hang out indefinitely, coma or no coma. And then the guys that work for him get to be in charge, while Johnny still takes the flak for harsh edicts. Picture it: the Vatican says, "Back to Latin! The Pope awoke from his coma long enough to tell us he wants the masses in Latin again! And you have to kill an abortion-providing doctor to get communion!" You can't check with the Pope, and his "advisors" claim to just be fulfilling his wishes.

More to come, as Florida Governor Jeb Bush mulls over plans to take the Pope into protective custody.

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Chandira said...

Oh Boy! I love Irony.. God DOES have a sense of humour..