Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On The Mark -- There Are Soccer Moms, and Then There Are Boyfriend Moms

Nicole is 12 years old. She just got out of a three-week coma. No, she didn't fall and hit her head; she didn't get hit by a car. She got kissed on the cheek by a boy. On her birthday. At her party in Baltimore.

For one of the mothers (Monique) at the party, it was the wrong boy. You see, the boy who kissed Nicole was supposed to be the boyfriend of Monique's daughter. At least in the eyes of Monique, anyway. Monique didn't like this.

In fact, she proceeded to beat Nicole, and Nicole's 11-year-old sister who came to her defense. She even convinced two of her friends to help her do the job. By the time they were done, Nicole was in a coma and her sister was severely injured. The three women pleaded guilty. But it's a little too late.

First there were sports dads who came out of the stands to beat on refs and coaches when they felt their kids weren't playing enough or got a bad call against them. Now boyfriend moms can join in on the idiocy of it all.

This seemed like an appropriate story for B2's newly designated Wednesdays on Toner Mishap.


Jack Steiner said...

I remember reading this story. Tragic stupidity, just terrible.

Chandira said...

Oh my GOD!!!! That is horrific!!

Aurelius said...

And I am stuck in this time-line?

Daxohol said...

Oh yeah. That's just a great arguement for breeding licences.