Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Misanthrope – Sunday’s Lighter Side

When we attend the funerals of our friends we grieve for them, but when we go to those of other people it is chiefly our own deaths that we mourn for.
Gerald Brenan (1894 - 1987), writer and novelist

Funeral Services. I have decided that I do not like funeral services. I preferred that age in my life when friends were getting married or having babies. Now, I am approaching the age when people are passing away unexpectedly. I have been to two Catholic services and two Jewish services and the pain of losing a friend, loved ones or acquaintances is never easy. Religion attempts to lessen the blow, but all it seems to do is prolong the mourning.

Phone Bills. I received the first phone bill for chatting with Daughter and I thought I was making a car payment. I really wondered why I paid $60 a month for a European plan to end up with an unacceptably high bill. I called SBC, argued for several minutes, and was able to reduce the bill by $40. I told Daughter we are communicating via e-mail until she returns.

Bungee Jumping. Daughter told me she was planning on Bungee Jumping in Switzerland once her “vacation” starts. She asked me not to tell her mother, but I didn’t make that promise, because I generally prefer not to talk with her mother. However, I do know from time to time, she reads this looking for typos, but I am not going to say anything. I won’t even mention how I am absolutely against her jumping. I asked, what if it is not hooked up correctly? She'll splat like a bug on a windshield in some foreign country. I just want Daughter home already. I miss kissing her goodnight and good morning as I leave for work.


Janet said...

For me, funerals have always been a bizarre experience. Or maybe it's just the Catholic wakes. The notion of people, crowded together talking and laughing loudly, all the while there is a dead body at the front of the room? Yeah, I'd call that creepy.

B2 said...

Daughter: go to Chamonix (it's in the French Alps, right near Switzerland). It's a tiny, picturesque town where you can hang-glide off a glacier and circle down in to the woodland-nested village. You'll love it!