Sunday, March 27, 2005

On The Mark -- Hypocrisy Decade: Goldberg Says It Best

Hypocrisy without principles is the worst kind of all

I read a column by Jonah Goldberg in USA Today last Wednesday and thought it said it all. There's really nothing else I could add. Here's the opening paragraph.

"Let's do something crazy. Let's assume that everyone involved in the Terri Schiavo controversy has operated in good faith. In other words, let's imagine that Michael Schiavo isn't a homicidal money-grubber; that the Republicans aren't political opportunists performing a Kabuki dance for the right-to-lifers; that the so-called evangelicals really do care deeply about Terri Schiavo and are not fighting a cynical proxy war against abortion; and that the Democrats siding with the Florida courts' decision to starve Terri to death are not doing so out of a reflexive petulance toward anti-abortion and conservative forces."


The LA Times reports today that in 1988 Tom DeLay faced a similar situation with his own father. Tom, his mother, and the rest of their family decided that "Do Not Resuscitate" was the best approach, because that's what his father said he wanted, and when machines were an option to keep him alive the family agreed to not use them and to let him die.

Sad...yet, still hypocrisy.

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