Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Poor, White and Pissed

Joe Bageant shares this glimpse behind the white trash curtain.

I live in a town where it is easier to find chitterlings, ponhaus and souse in the grocery store than a leek... and where "Smokey and the Bandit" still plays to packed movie houses year after year. My hometown's claim to fame is the 1983 "Rhinehart Tire Fire" in which some five million discarded tires burned for nine months, gaining Winchester, Virginia national news coverage and EPA superfund cleanup status. The smoke plume was visible in satellite earth photos, the cleanup took 18 years and the fire stands as my hometown's biggest event of the Twentieth Century. As for intellectual life, this is a town where damned few residents ever heard of say, Susan Sontag. Even though our local newspaper editor did manage a post mortem editorial on her, which basically said: "Goodbye you piece of New York Jewish commie shit!" most people reading the paper at their breakfast tables around town were asking themselves, "Who the hell is Susan Sontag?" They would ask the same thing about Daniel Barenboim or Hunter S. Thompson because those figures have never been on Oprah. Our general ambience was well summed up by a visiting Atlanta lawyer who looked around town and observed: "Dumb lordee I reckon!" This, from a guy who's seen a lot of dumb crackers. Laugh if you want, but this is the red state American heartland everybody is talking about these days.

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The Liberal Avenger said...

Love the name of the blog!

The Misanthrope said...

Thanks, B2 came up with it. It is an anagram of misanthrope.

panthergirl said...

Very powerful article! Thanks for sharing that. Now, let's ORGANIZE!

The Liberal Avenger said...

I just read the article this morning - powerful, indeed. A lot of food for thought and no small amount of liberal guilt.

But where is the explanation for the cheerleading/celebration of violence in our foreign policy? How and why are these salt of the earth folk rabidly defending our right to kill and torture other human beings in the name of national security?

Ran Selig said...

Joe Bageant is rare one. I love his attitude. Great writing and vision. Thanks for posting that one.

Chandira said...

Eee.. that left me all cold and dense feeling in the middle.. shudder..
Huh! I'd not noticed the anagram. About the only thing you can make of 'Chandira' is 'arachnid'..

Chandira said...

Wow.. I just got done reading the whol ething. That was awesome.
Perhaps now I can confess to my grandad being of the generation that used to eat dogfood sandwiches on the building site every day, so my mum and her 5 siblings could wear shoes. I'm not all that different. I had a chance, was all. I was rescued.
I think that was right on the money, and am going to post my own link. Thanks.
Very humbling.