Thursday, March 03, 2005

Spam By Any Other Name

Can someone tell me why one of my email accounts is getting spam from interesting-sounding pseudonyms? They all want me to buy drugs (so I'm thinking of forwarding the emails to my mother-in-law). Here's a partial list:
Extirpated R. Blintz
Ten J. Repackages
Seiko C. Gentlest
Opaqued R. Naives
Amplifying M. Bait
Shakespeare I. Unction
Prioritize R. Antipasti
Movies U. Arduousness
Metabolisms E. Hegel
Litton V. Womankind
Eats H. Cortex
Whinniest T. Cheerleader
Dignifies K. Sunsetting
Influence K. Dividends
Noyce K. Ramrod
Corrective G. Proofing
Complement I. Grumbled
Apprehended U. Hatting
Counterpoints I. Farthing

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