Monday, March 28, 2005

"Satisfaction" in Outline Format

This could be the most exciting thing to happen to music ever: song lyrics in outline format! (Thanks, qwantz!)

A. Places that I come across that man
1. When I'm driving my car
2. When he comes on the radio (in the car)
3. When I'm watching TV
B. Things that man tells me
1. Useless information
2. How much whiter my shirts could be
3. That he doesn't feel manly
a. Because he smokes a different brand of cigarettes
C. Things I can't get
1. No girl with action
a. She said come back later next week
2. No satisfaction


The Misanthrope said...

Bob Dylan once said that he could have written Satisfaction, but I doubt he could have done it in outline form. We might as well do Sympathy for the Devil
I.Please Allow Me to Introduce
a. Rode a tank at a general's
b. Shouted out who killed the

II. The Nature of My Game
a. Every cop is a criminal
b. All the sinners saints

Not a bad idea

Janet said...

Cool. It's like a multiple choice format. So in that case, can we just all or none of the above?:)