Thursday, March 31, 2005


DualDisc is making me happy. It solves, to my mind, two major problems:

#1: How can we get better content from the entertainment industry?

#2: How can we get #1 without spending a lot of money upgrading our equipment?

DualDisc is a nice shiny disc that looks a lot like a CD or a DVD... but it has two sides -- a CD side and a DVD side. Both, on one disc. A typical offering would be a full-length audio album on the CD side and other extras on the DVD side.

But what about #2? How cheap could the new hardware be to convince me to start buying all this new stuff? Answer: no new boxes required; the CD side plays in a CD player, the DVD side plays in a DVD player, and you can flip back and forth if you have a drive that reads both types of disc.

THis is the sort of thing that will get me to buy more content the old-fashioned way, instead of just download it (or freeloading it, for that matter).

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Andrew said...

This format looks like it has a lot of potential. Hopefully we'll see more titles soon so it can really take off.