Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More Search Strings

How do you people find us? By searching Google, apparently -- for things like this:
underwear outside the pants
kevin toner u.s. army
batman gets pissed off
Edward Hopper Nighthawks
gas nine-tenths history
Marvel superheroes Visa commercial
yummy donuts
light a candle curse darkness
homeless birds
Orville Redenbacher slogan
The Art of Demotivation
state of union speeches
Eric Idle
take my kids please
actress put on pounds
toner toilets
dirty war republican review
how to get toner out of carpet
euro comic bittorrent
Muckrakers Roosevelt
learning to smoke
bum leg toner
numbing the senses
just another manic monday
Bush and monkeys


Chandira said...

Since I saw you guys do this, I've been keeping my own list. I'll post on my site sometime soon, but for now:

Poor White and Pissed
Nazi Ghosts
Elephants save Tsunami
Tucson overdose teenager
How to hypnotize a man boobs
Nasruddin Sufi Joke
Norman Brennan


Attila said...

I used to get people searching for "sex with elephants."

Oops, sorry. Now you will, too.