Friday, August 05, 2005

B2 On Vacation:
Magic Mountain

Greetings from my vacation! Yes, this year the B2s are vacationing at home, making every day a trip to some fantastic (but local) spot of interest. This past week has been great, and I've been storing up some stuff to share with you. First stop: Six Flags Magic Mountain, in beautiful Santa Clarita, California.

What can I say about the other happiest place on earth, other than DO NOT RIDE TOO MANY ROLLER COASTERS IN A ROW (sorry I had to yell). During the week there are no lines for any rides, and I found out that having a little time in between "Psyclone," "Batman: The Ride" and "Scream" is actually a good thing. Let's not talk about it, OK? Instead, a little bit on the nutritive offerings at the park. First, the prices.

Yes. A burger, fries and drink for eight bucks. EIGHT BUCKS! (Again, sorry about the yelling.) This is the same amount of food you can get at a fast food place for less than five dollars, and at least at Mickey D's the meal comes with a small "My Little Pony"! But when you've got hungry folks with no where else to go, prices tend to stay high.

A little advice: if you go to Magic Mountain, don't order the sushi. Who even thinks selling raw fish at a place where half the patrons are already nauseous is a good idea? WHO?

Last -- my favorite worst name for a resturant ever:

I don't know if the marketing guys in the Six Flags corporate office ran out of good ideas after naming the "Swashbuckler" and the "Goldrusher" rides back in the 70s, but the coaster these days are not as colorfully named; the latest one doesn't even get a name, just a letter: X. So it's not totally surprising that the "B" team is working on names for the in-park restuarants, but this is really just too lame. I can only hope that someone over there reads this blog and decides to rename the place something better, like "Tryptophan Treats" or "Not Just for Thanksgiving."

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barry said...

How bout, "Hold The Stuffing" or "GobbleGams"