Friday, August 19, 2005

Guerilla Gorilla:
Bootleg this!

[It's Friday, and that means it's time for Guerilla Gorilla. This week GG weighs in on the subject of content piracy.]

Guerilla Gorilla not feeling like throwing poop today. Not feeling like it because too many people to throw poop at.

First, there is entertainment industry, which charges Guerilla Gorilla much money for bad CDs or crappy movies. Why try to sell me album of one good song plus eleven mediocre songs for twenty dollars? No wonder me like iTunes so much -- can buy just one good song by itself for one dollar. And me watch movies for free on cable.

Then there is also guy who sells bootleg music and DVDs on corner downtown. What he doing other than making entertainment industry mad? And just to sell crappy home-movie version of Spiderman 2? That has French overdub and no DVD extras?

Here Guerilla Gorilla's idea: industry make better product, at more reasonable price. Consumer pay for it legally instead of freeloading off mp3 blogs or buying from guy-on-street-with-sack. Sound like good arrangement to me.

This week Guerilla Gorilla will be listening to language tapes to learn self how to write English better; maybe this will help Guerilla Gorilla to better convince you humans of my greatness. [grunt]


Devo said...

Oh GG, how I agree with you... but I forsee a bleak future when it comes to trying to re-assert the primacy of the consumer. In a post-internet-bubble economy, Business is the new consumer. B2B is a far more lucrative pursuit than B2C or whatever you might call traditional bricks and mortar business protocol. CocaCola and Miramax can partner to far more profit than Miramax and the consumer or CocaCola and the consumer. Therefore, we are subjected to obnoxious commercials before the commercials for the movies we may or may not get to see in the theater before we can see the movie we ACTUALLY paid twelve dollars to go out and see. You see? So we lowly consumers are left to scrounge in the detritus left over after multi-billion dollar deals are made between enormous, impersonal corporations to further their already asphyxiating stranglehold on said lowly consumer.

Roland Barthes declared the Death of the Author in 1977... now Cap'n Devo will declare the death of the consumer in 2005! Perhaps there's a light at the end of the tunnel, though. When meta-economy takes precedence over traditional economy, the only kinetic action possible will be full collapse. Like an age old hardwood tree rotting from the inside, once the heartwood (read: the consumer) rots away, there's nowhere to go but down...

TC Byrd said...

I am wondering if GG has read Ishmael--you might like.

Guerilla Gorilla said...

Guerilla Gorilla not sure about all this web stuff, but GG know this -- that link do not work in my browser, which is safari, which I like, because it reminds me of jungles. What TC Byrd suggesting me to read?

Devo said...

I believe TC Byrd is suggesting a book entitled "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn. It's a wonderful book about a charming and arrestingly intelligent gorilla. He teaches a man about the ways of the world... I've read the book as well, and I agree with TC. I think you, GG, might enjoy it too. If you hop on over to (or powells) and type in Daniel Quinn Ishmael, you should be able to find it quite easily!

Happy Hunting...