Friday, August 12, 2005

Guerilla Gorilla:
No Vacation For Me

[It's Friday, and that's means it's time for Guerilla Gorilla. This week GG favors us with his thoughts on President Bush's five-week vacation at his Crawford Ranch in Texas; it's the President's 50th trip to the ranch in his five years as President.]

Guerilla Gorilla perturbed today. Perturbed is me using human art of sarcasm, so I better fit in polite society. Want to seem proper if engaging in political discussions. But Guerilla Gorilla digress from main topic of symposium.

Human President George Bush on vacation again, at his ranch for 50th time in five years. This time for five weeks! Guerilla Gorilla hasn't had vacation like that since... well, ever! And Guerilla Gorilla is not running the free world, only trying to overthrow human hegemony... um, only trying to share thoughts and feelings with humans to promote understanding. Again, Guerilla Gorilla digress. [grunt]

Is this a human thing, where the more important you are the more time you can not do your job? Regular humans who work in small boxes in office buildings only vacation for one or two weeks, but President goes home for five weeks? While war in Iraq continues? Makes hair on my back stand on end.

Maybe if he was doing great job. If everyone was saying, "Hey, that President is good guy. He so smart. He deserve vacation." But Guerilla Gorilla not hear anyone say that. So what deal with that? [grunt]

Makes me want to throw poop.


Rachel from the land of Oz said...

if you are a misanthrope, when was the defining moment which made you take sides?

I love your profile

Especially this one, To think ill of mankind and not wish ill to them, is perhaps the highest wisdom and virtue.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one

You might like the following quote from Edna St Vincent Millay,

"I love humanity but I hate people."

Janet said...

But even when he's not technically vacationing, isn't he vacating anyhow?

Rachy said...

depends on how often you open your bowels I guess!

B2 said...

Just a note to all Toner Mishap readers -- there are three of us who bring you Toner Mishap: B2, The Misanthrope, and On the Mark. This piece was submitted by B2 on behalf of a semi-regular contributor, Guerilla Gorilla.

Guerilla Gorilla said...

Please not mistake me for Misanthrope, who is not nearly as hairy. [grunt]

Chandira said...

Rachel, great quote. Yes. Exactly.. lol

Gorilla, I think it's a good thing that the Pres is vacationing so damn much. Means less days he spends on the job... Hmm??

andrea said...

doctors orders, megalomaniacs need more time off so they don't meltdown.