Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fantasy Leagues Revisited:
The Graphic Design Dream Team

There are, like, millions of baseball fans sharing their fantasy line-ups on the web -- who the best pitcher would be, the best catcher, the clean-up batter, and so on. So why not a fantasy graphic design team? The folks you'd want to see working together putting out a magazine, let's say... assuming, of course, that there were fewer dead people in the ranks and that they could actually work together (a feat beyond many of the talents in this field).

Here's my list -- my semi-modern "dream team" of designers, artists, and photographers... and what role they would play in this possibly incredible publication. Of course, I know that I will no doubt kick myself over the folks I forget to include, but I have decided to do this without consulting any other lists or even my bookshelves; I'm just writing down those that are foremost in my mind. Please feel free to add your comments, or try a version on your own page (just let me know where to go to read it).

Creative direction
Tibor Kalman, Paul Rand, Alexander Isley

Cover illustration
Art Spiegelman

Neville Brody, David Carson, Abram Games, Stefan Sagmeister, Eric Gill

Type design
Frederick Goudy, Matthew Carter, Jonathan Hoefler, Dennis Ortiz-Lopez, Zuzana Licko

Gary Baseman, Greg Clarke, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Lynda Barry

Man Ray, Mark Seliger, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz

Chuck Klosterman, Steven Heller

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wife said...

You are such a geek and I love you for it.