Monday, August 15, 2005

Isaac Mizrahi Pet Clothes

I love my dogs -- I do. And I spoil them; just ask my wife. In fact, until we got the first of our two toy poodles (who are both, kin-ahora, still with us), I was a cat person. Gingie, and then Rashi after her, changed me. Now my house is filled with dog toys and dog snacks of all shapes and sizes.

But even so, I drew the line when my wife came home with our poodles after a grooming session and they had painted toenials. That only happened once. And when my wife tried to put booties on Gingie when we lived in a snowy locale, I objected to that as well.

So I think I'm being totally consistent when I say that this...

... is just too much.

If you need to buy designer-label clothes for your pets (even if it is Target), you have too much money or too few worthwhile things to spend it on.


wife said...

First, I did not know the groomer was going to paint her nails, and I objected as well.
Second, the poodle shoes were a good idea for the snow, she just refused to wear them. But considering the hours we spent defrosting her, the boots would have been useful.
And finally, I still think the dogs should be allowed to wear sweaters when it is cold.

Chandira said...

Sorry, I agree with Wife.. Poodles need shoes!

Heck, I'd put my cat in a sweater if she'd wear it.. she never would. Shara has more sense than I do..

caniche vagabundo said...

Dear Sir,

I was on the supermarket Target where they sell all these clothes for dogs. I boght some for Max and i found they were quite cheap. The dog just loved, it was even dificult to undress Max.
The dogs have been developed by us for centurys to be part of our family, and they are. We stabilish together a very complex relation. Why not to have some fun?

Mini said...

Dear Sir,

I don't know what snow is. Here in Lisbon is always sun, with some rainy days, that I hate. My owners don't even think to buy me clothes; they think it's corny. Now, painted toenails, it's a Britney Spears Thing. Don't do that to your dog.

Spooner said...

I have to say I am on the fence here.

Boots?!? really?? They seem like such a good idea when you buy them but the dog doesn't like them 90% of the time.

But designer duds for your dog. Could not agree MORE! Come on and have some fun! Do you wear Blu-Bolckers or fancy sunglasses? Do you were Dungarees or nicely tailored Jeans? I'd assume the latter and why not extend that to your dog? It's not like your dog is chopped liver! Treat them right and keep them looking tight!

I do have a bit of a bias :) as I am one of the co-founders of the original snobby dog blog devoted to the finest dog fashion and design.

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