Tuesday, August 09, 2005

On The Mark -- Google Googled

A reporter at CNET's online news site wanted to illustrate how easy it is to get personal information on someone using the Google search engine. The best way to illustrate this? Why, of course, google Google's chief executive. So the reporter reported what she found, the chief executive's home address, his net worth ($1.5 billion), that he is an amateur pilot and he attended the Burning Man festival. It took the reporter about 30 minutes to get this information.

Now Google is up in arms. They have told News.com, the online tech news service of CNET, that they will not speak to any of their reporters for one year. Now they've refused to speak to the Associated Press.

Give me a break. Serves the chief executive right.

Unfortunately, sometimes one has to feel the pain in order to know that it's real for thousands of others. Kind of like when Pres. Bush told one grieving mother who had lost a son in the war that he understood her grief, and she responded, no you don't, you'll only understand if one of your daughters goes to fight in Iraq.

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Chandira said...

Classic.. Yes, I just googled the name of a high level manager of a certain corporation we deal with, to find a mailing address. Interesting.... so this made me laugh!!