Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gun Club Threatens Children

Wasn't going to blog today, though I promise in the next few days to have some pix and commentary on this week's trips to Magic Mountain and the Ventura County Fair... but I had to share this with you.

At the aforementioned fair today, a scruffy overweight man behind a fairly innocuous booth offered coloring books for my children; this is par for the course at the fair. However, I noticed the booth was for a gun enthusiasts' club, and I declined his offer. I have nothing against guns or gun safety -- my father-in-law is a former Marine, and he's got a few guns around. I've been shooting, and had a good old time. And I will educate my kids about gun safety so that, should a situation ever arise, they know what to do (and what not to do). But I declined. Not a big deal, right?

This guy then had the nerve to say that he hoped that nothing bad happened to my kids before I got around to teaching them about gun safety. I turned around to face him again and asked him if he was threatening my children. He sputtered, because we both knew he wasn't, and he started spouting off about neighbors with unprotected weaponry, that's what he meant, really, nothing else...

My kids will learn a healthy respect for (and fear of) guns when appropriate. And certainly not from the likes of this yahoo.


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Jack's Shack said...

When confronted by gun nuts I find that yelling out names of guns and weapons makes them lose all sense of time and space.

I have even seen them have spontaneous orgasms which as you can imagine is a little disconcerting for a heterosexual male who believes in gay rights and the right not to witness Bubba soil himself.