Monday, August 08, 2005

B2 On Vacation:
Ventura County Fair

The B2 Family went to the Ventura County Fair last week (Wednesday was dollar day, and for a family of five that's too good a deal to pass up). One of the exhibit halls was featuring "collections" -- award-winning groupings of objects around a common theme. Each of the photos links to a larger image on Flickr; do check them out, won't you?

When did collecting Batmobiles become something worth a second place ribbon?

Sure, it's a nice collection, covering the range of Batman vehicles from the 1960s TV show to the latest, "Batman Begins." But worthy of a ribbon? It's not like it's... oh, I don't know... a collection of Star Wars Pez dispensers. Now that would be worth a first place blue ribbon:

With hand-lettered labels, I note. There was also an "Emperor" Pez dispenser, but he had fallen from the top shelf to the bottom, and could not be righted for this photo.

Meanwhile, someone else walked away with a blue ribbon for this... statuette of the Incredible Hulk? Really? A statuette?

Yes, really.

But here's my favorite. This is truly awesome -- an aquarium filled with Batman figures!

Click here to see the whole thing... I had to paste together two photos in Photoshop to show the tremendous magnificence of this entry -- eight Batmen in one aquarium!


Johnny C. said...

That fishtank is glorious.

Maybe I should do that with old Ninja Turtle figures.

Chandira said...

Oh how awesome... If ever I get fish...