Saturday, September 24, 2005

Be your own David Carson!

This guy Brendard Dawes has built an interface that creates randomly-generated David Carson-esque layouts.

It's odd, because us graphic designers have been having conversations recently about "layout in a box" -- software that will enable aesthetics-free non-designers to create good-looking design without needing our services; imagine a software app that takes your content and builds a layout for it based on what you select in a pull-down menu: Carson, Jan Tschichold, Paula Scher... it's a little frightening, because I can totally imagine it being possible.

Of course, the software programmers still need us designers around. After all, they still have to copy somebody, right? And if nothing else, my ambition is to be the guy that gets copied a lot. As in, "I can't afford B2! Can we hire someone who can make it look like this was designed by B2?"

1 comment:

Jack Ruttan said...

Yes, but there will only be six designers in the whole world. Maybe designers will have gladiator battles or creepy lotteries to see who gets chosen. Who chose the Ray Gun person?