Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Misanthrope – Sunday’s Lighter Side
On My Own

It is a folly to expect men to do all that they may reasonably be expected to do.
Richard Whately (1787 - 1863), British theologian and logician

On My Own. Wife is on a business trip to Toronto this week and Daughter is in training for her internship at the House of Representatives, so I have the place to myself. I decided to flex my independence and order our traditional Friday pizza from a different place. I Goggled the name of the pizza parlor; I placed my order. I drove over to pick up the pizza, but they couldn't find my order. I told him the woman said it would be ready in 30 minutes. He looked at me and said that no woman worked there. Oh. I went to the wrong place. I knew where I wanted to order the pizza from, but I didn’t know their name. He kindly directed me to the place where I DID place my order. Meanwhile, the woman waiting for her pizza in front of me had a good laugh at my expense.

Encouragement. I had fun writing the Advance Look at Bush’s Katrina speech earlier this week. My mother enjoyed it too. She sent me a note: That was very good Son, Didn't think you wrote that until I saw your name at end of it... So, I called her and wanted an explanation. She told me, “I thought B52 Bomber (her nickname for B2) wrote it, he has a sense of humor.” And, tell On The Mark, that I like his Russian stories.

Cleaning Lady. I told the Wife that I was going to call the cleaning lady to come over on Saturday, so the place would be perfectly clean during the week she was gone. Wife had a fit. “Do it yourself. I cleaned the place up a couple of days ago,” etc. Then, she relents and says that’s fine, just have her come the day before I get back instead.

Writing. My goal this week is to get a lot of reading and writing done. And, to watch the baseball games as the Angels are in a tight race with Oakland for the division lead. I also get to watch movies with the headphones on and I don’t have to worry about the bejabers being scared out of me by someone I don’t see tapping me on the shoulder or have Daughter purposely scaring me.

Favorite Show. I have been meaning to write about this for a few weeks now; the TV show “Weeds” on Showtime is so very good. I love that show. Every week, I have a good laugh, but at the same time, the poignancy of the show hits me at the end. It’s only 30 minutes and it goes by much too fast.


Jack's Shack said...

I only saw two episodes of weeds but I enjoyed it very much.

Janet said...

I agree, btw. Weeds is an excellent show. I also love the double entendre of the title.

Chandira said...

Wife's well within her rights to ask for that, cleaing the day before she gets home! lol

Aren't those days by yourself in your own home precious? too few and far between. I had one yesterday, jsut me and the cat, and the remote control. Bliss..


alice, uptown said...

Weeds is why I subscribe to Showtime. These "housewives" aren't desperate; they're getting by any way they can. Dealing with the suburbs, indeed.