Monday, September 19, 2005

Hopper Still Rolling Over

Back in March I shared with you a collection of images that all pay homage to Edward Hopper's Nighthawks; now I present three more to add to the set.

For those of who don't remember this iconic image:

For those of you who missed my original post of the parodies, check it out here.

Now here are two version from Batman: Year One, drawn by David Mazzucchelli (click 'em to see 'em bigger):

And here's the latest one -- Sunday's ad for the new season of the television program "CSI":


Anonymous said...

Don't know if if you're interested but there is a comicbook cover to the Incredible Hulk that is a reworking of this image.

gigglechick said...

i SO love hopper.

dig the batman homage to him, but, eh, the CSI one, ermmmmm....