Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just another post about Britney and Kabbalah

Britney on studying Kabbalah:

"I read the Kabbalah books and I meditate on them... They are all in Hebrew. I don't understand everything. But it's kind of OK that you don't. ... Kevin isn't into it as intensely as I am. For some reason I'm thirsting for it. But he looks at the books every once in a while."

[Thanks, Stereogum!]


Wife said...

Seriously, you need to get over the Britney thing, you are going to give your wife a complex.

B2 said...

It's not Britney; it's the Kabbalah!

Jack's Shack said...

She makes me ill.

Janet said...

Well, it helps if you know how to read in the first place.

Sorry, that was bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh B2 there's more


Poker said...
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