Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cheney’s Chief of Staff Also Outed CIA Agent

Leaders must have that sense of trusteeship, that they are only temporarily in charge of the destinies of their people and that their duty is not only to discharge that trust but also to pass it on to equally trustworthy and competent hands.
Kuan Yew Lee, Singaporean statesman

New York Times reporter Judith Miller revealed her source after spending three months in jail. Her source was Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Miller said her source voluntarily and personally released her from her promise. I suppose since nothing has happened to Turd Blossom, Bush pet name for Karl Rove, he figured why not let her off the hook.

I have a hard time believing Bush and Cheney knew nothing of this since their closest advisors where behind the revealing of a covert CIA agent. This is truly has to be the most corrupt and inept (when it comes to helping people who are not “Friends of Bush”) administration in the history of the United States.


Attila said...

This is truly has to be the most corrupt and inept (when it comes to helping people who are not “Friends of Bush”) administration in the history of the United States.

Certainly true, at least since the immediately preceding administration, which gave us Travelgate, Filegate, illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese, raising campaign funds at a Buddhist monastery, etc., etc.

As for Scooter, I totally haven't been following this issue, but even I knew her source was Scooter months ago. This is news? I thought she said when she went to jail that had a waiver from Scooter but felt it wasn't voluntary.

B2 should have done a Guerilla Gorilla post on this.

Stephen (aka Q) said...

In Canada we have the "sponsorship scandal", in which the Liberal Party seems to have misused about $100 million in tax money for its own gain. The scandal has occupied the media and the public for nearly a year now, and it's not done yet. We're waiting for the official Commission to report but the Commission is engaged in extensive public consultations just now.

$100 million is a lot of money from the perspective of some Canadian who makes $30 thousand a year. But compared to the stuff that gets swept under the carpet in the USA, it's totally insignificant.

Bush and Cheney should provide workshops so other Western nations can learn how this stuff is done properly.

The Misanthrope said...

Attila, Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater were all tempests in a teapot. Monica was were Clinton blew it, poor pun, that incident just sucked, oops sorry they just keep coming, and it was unfortunate, but I view it as harmless compared to having 2,000 soldiers killed for oil and revenge. Getting contributions from the Chinese and at the Buddhist monastery was absolutely wrong, but pales compared to what is going on today and DeLay's three-card Monty of campaign funds, or, placing every friend of a friend in a critical position. I had forgotten that Bush's spokesman's brother is the head of Medicare.

Q, after following politics very closely this year, so I would have material for the blog, I have come to the conclusion, albeit late, that all politicians are ethically deprived. Maybe if Karl doesn't go help Jeb Bush get elected in '08, you can have him in Canada, which would be a shame because he could destroy your nice country in no time.