Friday, April 22, 2005

Little. Blue. Different.
And Kosher for Passover.

From Jewschool:
A leading Israeli rabbi has ruled that the anti-impotency pill Viagra can be taken by Jews on Passover; Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu said the pill can be swallowed if it is encased in a special soluble kosher capsule first.
My favorite part of the story:
Viagra's Israeli manufacturers said they sought an answer after receiving queries from worried religious men.


Chandira said...


Lorianne said...

Hmmm, what I find most interesting is that it was religious *men* who were concerned about the Viagra question. Apparently no *wives* were worried about foregoing sex for a weekend? Maybe those wives were praying to be "passed-over"...

(sorry, I couldn't resist...and I'm not even Jewish!) ;-)

CW FISHER said...

Passover is one of those troubling holidays for me. While I'm happy for the Jews that they didn't lose their first born, it seems an odd time to celebrate virility, especially when all the goyim families are grieving in the streets, screaming to God, "NO!" as they neighbors scream "YES!" I always thought Passover was tragic proof of a thug god.

B2 said...

At the Seder every year we talk about the loss to the Egyptians and make note of how it lessens it our joy that others had to suffer. Symbolically, we take drops of wine (which represents joy at every Jewish celebration) out of our glasses as we recount the plagues that befell the Egyptians.