Thursday, April 21, 2005

Two Conversations at Starbucks Involving Nazis

I found myself working out of a Starbucks Wednesday morning. Conversation number one is between me and Kenneth Mars.

Me: Mr. Mars? Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of yours. It's cool seeing you in a Starbucks.

Kenneth Mars: Oh yeah, we actors... we hang out in here, the supermarket, shit like that. Thank you.


And the following is conversation number two, between three Hollywood-type writers (one of whom had previously claimed credit for some episodes of "Perfect Strangers," and may have been Tom Devanney):

Writer 1: So what's the hierarchy?

Writer 2: Bishop, cardinal...

Writer 3: There's an arch-bishop in there.

Writer 2: Bishop, arch-bishop, cardinal, arch-cardinal...

Writer 3: There's no arch-cardinal.

Writer 2: Bishop, arch-bishop, cardinal, pope.

Writer 3: And then Nazi pope.


Kevin Church said...

Well, now somebody owes me a drink since I spit this one out.

sA said...

Bwwwaahhhh!!! Those conversations were classic. And, no, I din't have to be there! Great post. Honestly it is changing the course of my day, as I type this comment.