Monday, April 25, 2005

Typical Bush Administration Reform

Unless drastic reforms are made, we must accept the fact that every four years the United States will be up for sale, and the richest man or family will buy it.
Gore Vidal, novelist and essayist.

Here is an ominous warning for the next elections. Buried at the bottom of page A8 in the Saturday New York Times is the story about the first chairman of the Election Assistance Commission who is leaving. The agency created after the presidential debacle of 2000 has not received any support. He said that they had to work without staff, offices and without resources. He should have been blogging with that kind of time on his hands.

Soaries, a Republican former secretary of state of New Jersey was the White House’s choice to join the commission created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002. But, the White House just let the agency die by neglect. How would Bush reward the owner of Diebold that makes the voting machines with no paper trail if there was honest voting reform?


Chandira said...

Oh! That is disgusting..

I had a manager like that at a job I worked in England. That is worse even than the obvious agression of some people, because at least you know you have that coming.

Janet said...

That is actually an excellent quote. Depressing, overwhelmingly frustrating and brtually truthful, but excellent all the same.:)

Janet said...
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