Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wendy's Chili Does Not, In Fact, Contain Human Fingers

Since I wrote about this already, I figure I have some sort of responsibility to help undo the harm done by Anna Ayala to a certain fast food chain (but how do you "command-z" a public fiasco?).

The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that Ayala has been arrested on attempted grand theft in her false claims of finding a finger in her bowl of chili at Wendy's. Grand theft -- for the amount of money she would have sued for. Unfortunately, the damage to Wendy's reputation is probably irreparable, but I guess they can sue her for suffering and the business equivalent of loss of consortium (see also: John Wayne Bobbitt).

This is the only article on-line I can find that even hints at what is now taking place... so check your local newspaper for more recent details.

Sorry, Wendy's -- we done you wrong.


sA said...

Who in the hell owned the finger?!? This is the mystery of a generation. It takes a certain amount of shitzpa to waltz into a fast food joint, drop a used finger into your chilli, and scream bloddy murder. Man, you'd have to find a finger and go, "Oh, I have an idea!" Sick .... uuughhh...

sA (

Panthergirl said...

The story is just so bizarre. But you're right, there is really no way to "repair" the damage done to Wendy's. (not that I shed too many tears for fast food companies anyway...fingers, chicken lips, what's the difference?)